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Digimon OC-Era by interocativo Digimon OC-Era by interocativo
lineart and a few small fixes done by ken ive: :iconkiversth:

an OC i had in mind when i walked down the road to home

backstory: a scientist had sucsessfully created a powerful digimon on an old computer, but that digimon got corrupted because of an error, and began to destroy the computer. the comp slowly began expanding and inflating, various bits falling away, as if something inside it wanted to escape. before the computer got completly fried, the scientist managed to move the corrupted digimon to a powerful external hard-disk. the disk mutated, but the shell was strong enough to keep it inside, but the digimon could use its broken shards and shapr edges to attack, and move around. the scientist locked it away, hoping it would never see the light of day again.

A bit later, the scientist wanted to see if anyone was powerful to handle the corrupted digimon, but most of the choosen children(choosen by him) where scared of it, and others didnt go well with its personality, and found it annoying. frustrated, the scientist thought that since no child wanted this, then he had to make one himself. he found out about the different leaders of the digidestined groups, and decited to kidnap them and use their bodies to mix them togehter into one being, by traveling trough time and dimentions. but their digimon were too strong for him, so he instead gathered hair and dead skin he could find in the place the goggle boys had previously been, and used them to copy the dna and create tissue to make a new and original body.

after many hours of work and blood, he managed to finish his creation. using machines and tissue to manage the brain, his creation was complete. the name Era was given. however, the corrupted digimon tried to kill its partner every time era tried to reason with it, or poke at it. the scientist decited to attach it to eras spine, so he could control it a bit himself, and keep it in tact.

unfortunatly, era became very unstable and wobbled around, not being able to speak or function properly. the scientist gave up and dumped era in the river in the digi world. era survived, and now he is wobblig around the place, killing digimon in its path and sometimes getting his ass cicked in the process.

personality: he has none, but has been seen to cick around things and pretty much just stand there, looking into space. some belive he is thinking a lot, while others belive his brain is just buffering. the long insect-leg like extensions on his back are whires from the hard-disk that he uses to damage and to support his weight. he is extremly qurious and will sometimes take things apart to see whats inside, let it be digimon or objects. he will go in any cave and climb any mountain to see what it hides. he is also extremly unstable and trips a lot. sometimes, he sheds one tear, but nobody knows why.

im trying to not make a mary sue here..or a gary stu..some feedback would be appriciated.

THIS WAS A PAIN TO SCAN YOU HAVE NO IDEA FUUUU digimon belongs to bandai and the hard drives to..well...the one who created the hard drive.
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Cmanuel1 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
A zombie!Run!!!
LadyScoliosis Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
* mindsplodes * O_O...I love him so much right now, this so....creepy....and unique e_e

I love the part when you say that people think he thinks a lot, or his brain is just buffering. sick >w<

( Reminds me of CreepyPasta O_o )
interocativo Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you >w< very kind c:
LadyScoliosis Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
:hug: you're welcome!
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December 21, 2012
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